What Is The Best Free CRM Software In 2022?

    There are so many CRM applications on the market now. But there is still a lack of clear information about the best free CRM software. We tested, analyzed and reviewed over 120+ solutions and came up with this list of top 5 free open-source CRMs for small businesses and startups.


    Freshsales is the best free crm software , complete with a sales force automation system. It gives your team everything they need to get high-quality leads and close deals using AI-powered insights.

    Freshsales is a sales productivity platform that automates repetitive tasks, increases efficiency and team collaboration, allowing you to spend more time selling. Salespeople can use Freddy AI to analyze data about contacts and companies, then suggest the best offers to pursue. With Freshsales, businesses gain insights into a salesperson’s pipeline management—and help turn prospects into paying customers. Additionally, the use of native CPQ makes it possible to generate and share quotes as well as other essential sales assets.


    • There is a Free Forever Startup plan
    • Growth plan is $15
    • Pro plan is $39
    • Enterprise plan is $69

    Website –


    LACRM is the best free CRM software for small enterprises. It offers a 30-day free trial. Once you subscribe, there’s only one package to buy—and it’s affordable.

    LACRM provides everything you need to manage your leads, clients and sales. Track a pipeline of deals from beginning to end; keep all relevant info in one place; track events, projects and tasks—even create an agenda book! Ideal for use as a real estate CRM app but also appropriate for other industries like retail or service businesses that require good contact management capabilities

    LACRM allows you to log emails sent and received outside of a CRM platform. Every user receives a special email address for logging purposes—independent of the service used to send and receive mail, contacts can be set up with ease.



    LACRM offers a risk-free, 30-day free trial for its only pricing plan.

    Website –


    With its straightforward user interface, customizable modules, practical automation and social networking tools, Zoho CRM is the best free crm software available.

    If you’re looking for freedom, their free plan with up to three users is an excellent place to start. You can create and establish specialized workflows and manage leads using the platform—and begin rationalizing day-to-day operations! It interacts with Twitter, Google+, and Facebook—as well as LinkedIn—allowing you to contact leads at lightning speed.

    If you find that your needs exceed the capabilities of the free version, you can purchase a Standard subscription to Zoho CRM, which provides more powerful sales forecasting and KPI tracking. The Enterprise version of the software provides users with additional capabilities including data comparisons between different users, teams and countries; it also allows sales managers to track a campaign’s performance stage-by-stage.


    • A free version is available for up to 3 users. 15-day free trial for paid versions.
    • Standard edition is $14 
    • Professional edition is $23 
    • Enterprise edition is $40 
    • Ultimate edition is $52. Exclusive 30-day free trial.

    Website –

    Really Simple Systems

    The marketing, sales, and service platform from Really Simple Systems (RSS for short) doesn’t hesitate to describe it as simple—but that doesn’t mean the software lacks sophistication; it’s just really easy to use. This is particularly useful for businesses with offices in many different cities and countries, or that have remote employees.

    Although they offer paid versions, their free alternative provides more than just a limited-time trial for enterprises with up to two users—it allows start-ups and lone entrepreneurs to use the CRM without having to keep an eye on the calendar. The free edition of SugarCRM supports unlimited contacts and document storage of up to 100MB. Many essential functions, such as customer support and sales automation, are available in the free edition.

    RSS is the best free crm (customer relationship management) software tool for growing businesses. For the best crm software, choose Really Simple Systems.


    • Free plan for up to 2 users.
    • Starter plan is $15 
    • Professional plan is $33
    • Enterprise plan is $50

    Website –


    EngageBay is best free crm software that markets three business process-oriented suites as competitors to HubSpot.

    EngageBay markets three business process-oriented suites as competitors to HubSpot: Marketing Automation, Live Chat & Helpdesk and CRM & Sales Bay. The last of these—CRM & Sales Bay—offers contact management solutions made for ease of use and expansion into new markets or clients

    This platform can gather data from all the different sources that your customers interact with, whether they’re on their website or emailing you. You can see which channels are working best and where there might be opportunities to improve customer service.

    With two-way sync functionality, integration with Gmail, Office 365 or any other IMAP provider is easy and quick. You can integrate your CRM with other business processes using Zapier, SendGrid – Mailgun integrations to further streamline operations


    • A free plan is available, limited to 1,000 contacts and 1,000 branded emails
    • Basic plan is $12.99
    • Growth plan is $24.99 
    • Pro plan is $49.99

    Website –

    Capsule crm

    Capsule works to advance all of your professional relationships—with clients and other colleagues alike. It does this by making it incredibly easy for you to build a network, with no learning curve at all.

    Unlike other CRMs, Capsule focuses on doing a few things very well—it helps you quickly figure out what’s happening with your sales pipeline (bids, lead generation), proposals and customer data. It also gives insight into what tasks must be completed by your team so that everyone is working toward one goal.

    The software also makes it simple to locate important data, because contact lists may be imported from CSV spreadsheet and database files as well as Outlook, Gmail and Outlook Express.

    Capsule is the best free crm software that helps you to advance all of your professional relationships.


    • Free, basic version of Capsule is available for up to 2 users. 
    • Professional version is priced at $18 
    • Teams version is priced at $36

    Website –


    BenchmarkONE enables consultants, marketers and sales teams to convert prospects into clients with a comprehensive best CRM software solution.

    BenchmarkONE provides a comprehensive CRM solution for sales and marketing. Prospect gathering, qualification, email marketing automation capabilities—and the ability to manage your pipeline with increased conversion success—are all benefits of working with BenchmarkONE.

    It’s great for consulting firms, private offices and agencies. And it offers incredibly detailed reporting—right down to the number of calls your receptionist handled while you were on vacation.


    • Free version is good just for 1 user
    • Core $70 is for 2 users per month
    • Pro $139 is for 5 users per month
    • Enterprise $199 is for unlimited users per month

    Website –


    One of the largest providers of CRMs (companies whose business is to provide technology for companies to manage their customer relationships) is HubSpot, and they offer a free version with minimal capabilities.

    With the free HubSpot CRM, it’s easier to keep track of workflows for better administration and allocate leads among employees. It also allows you to oversee the sales process and keep track of client interactions across all channels with one location—so no more switching between different platforms! Email marketing and inbound marketing are two of its most prominent features, both essential to getting search engine hits for blog posts.

    The platform’s compatibility with Microsoft Office and G Suite makes setup easy. And integration with Zapier enables sharing of information and task management within programs such as Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads, Slack—and more!

    HubSpot offers a free CRM software solution with minimal capabilities.


    • HubSpot CRM is free and the number of users is unlimited.
    • Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub add-on packages are $50 
    • HubSpot CMS starts at $300 per month
    • All-inclusive Starter Growth Suite starts at $113

    Website –


    Bitrix24’s popularity is confirmed by a large number of reviews: According to users, it’s one of the most widely used free CRM solutions worldwide. With data storage limits and pricing structures that are simple enough for small businesses but robust enough to suit larger organizations, Bitrix24 offers an attractive cloud solution—and you can try it out risk-free with up to 12 users before deciding whether or not its right for your business! Although it lacks many of the advanced features provided by its paid counterparts, Pipedrive offers all the components needed for effective sales management—including automation, reporting and lead generation.

    Bitrix24’s user interface simplifies the management of projects and sales. The Kanban view especially is useful in keeping track of ongoing tasks—and for ensuring that your team can close sales at crucial times, there are mobile apps for iOS and Android phones which allow access via phone/email/chat or video channels.

    Bitrix24 has the most popular crm software for small businesses, with over half-a-million users. It’s free crm software


    • Free starter business tool suite for up to 12 users.
    • CRM+ plan for up to 6 users is $55 per user / month
    • Project+ plan for up to 24 users is $55 
    • Standard plan for up to 50 users is $79 
    • Professional plan is $159 
    • The prices above are for the cloud-based version. On-premise solutions are also available.

    Website –


    There is a free version of Insightly, though it can be hard to find. To access the free edition you must search for “free” under pricing on the company’s homepage. The freeware offers decent value for money, with project supervision features and contact data all accessible within a spick-and-span user interface. We offer user-friendly, easily accessible systems that break complex functionality into simple components.

    Insightly provides a full suite of CRM (customer relationship management) software—lead routing, workflow automation, customer management and sales pipeline technologies. Insightly is designed around the fundamental idea that relationships are more than just transactions: It’s about understanding how your business interacts with its clients & prospects so you can grow together. This means creating a detailed profile of your professional network—by collecting data from various channels and uncovering who knows whom. Such information can be used to determine the roles each contact plays in your overall network, based on details like whether or not they have spoken before and when this occurred (among other things).

    The best free cloud-based CRM software is Insightly. Insightly’s main selling point is it’s capacity for customization without any programming knowledge. It’s easy to set up and make apps, widgets and data visualizations. As you need to grant permissions by business role or department, it maintains organizational security for particular modules (such as contact records), etc.


    • No-frills plan for up to 2 users is free.
    • Plus is $29 
    • Professional is $49 
    • Enterprise is $99 
    • A 14-day free trial is available for the Plus and Professional plans.

    Website –


    Apptivo’s cloud-based business solutions are highly customizable. Their Basic edition, which is free for up to three users and includes 500MB of storage space as well as many essential tools found in paying subscriptions—is a great choice for small businesses looking to get started.

    With the use of Apptivo’s contact app (for contact management), you can quickly import data from emails and websites to gather lead, client, and customer information without having to do manual entry. Apptivo’s management apps offer capabilities for both team and individual organizations.

    The Apptivo Cases app works as a centralized location for all client communications, which can be converted into tickets. This allows you to stay organized while managing customer concerns and interactions—and it interacts with your other Apptivo products, so team members always have access to the information they need.


    • Starter plan is free for up to three users. 
    • Premium plan is $8 
    • Ultimate plan is $20

    Website –

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