Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    Introduction to business analytics books 

    The globalisation of the internet has made information more accessible. All information is available to us immediately. Even professionals in business analytics have a collection of business analytics books to broaden their perspectives. Business intelligence (BI), whose significance is rapidly rising, strongly relies on Big Data interpretation.

    Global smartphone usage is predicted to reach 1 billion users by 2020, surpassing the number of basic fixed phone subscribers. Assume you are knowledgeable about business intelligence (BI). In such a scenario, this extension will allow you to fully utilize the value of the mobile data at your disposal.

    Furthermore, 42% of companies want to use mobile-based BI as a growth strategy. After demonstrating the undeniable usefulness of BI in the digital era, let’s take a look at some business analytics books that may teach you the skills you’ll need to be successful.

    List of best business analytics books: 

    Data Analysis and Business Modeling in Microsoft Excel

    By- Wayne L. Winston

    business analytics books

    The illustrious author Wayne L. Winston guides readers through the core concepts of Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling as well as how to use the program’s most modern capabilities in his book “Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling.”

    In the realm of business analytics books, this book goes into great depth to teach you how to master Excel. Still, it also contains a wealth of knowledge for using technical ideas like multiple regression and time-series forecasting in real-world applications. This book has a lot of application examples, which is what we mean when we say it is learn-it-yourself.

    Business Intelligence (BI) for Dummies

    By – Swain Scheps’

    Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    “Business intelligence (BI) For Dummies” teaches BI to those without any prior expertise. It covers the foundational concepts and language to get readers to begin. Like the business analytics books, this business analytics book then walks readers through determining their company needs, developing a plan, and putting BI into practice.

    It equips readers with the knowledge and skills they need to evaluate trends and apply BI independently. It also discusses the technical steps involved in adopting BI.

    Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data

    By- Phil Simon

    Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    One of the big data-based books, “Too Big to Ignore,” is a great introduction to the topic. Instead of outlining analytical methods, this business analytics book provides clear, understandable, and entirely useful illustrations of how big data functions.

    You’ll learn here why big data is such a huge deal and why it’s crucial for companies to comprehend how to use big data in their everyday operations.

    Data Analysis and Decision Making in Business

    By- Albright & Winston

    Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    This well-known quantitative techniques book among various business analytics books helps you perform at your best thanks to its tried-and-true teach-by-example approach, student-friendly writing style, and complete Excel 2016 integration. (It also functions with Excel 2013, 2010, and 2007).

    The material’s three online chapters deal with complex statistical analysis. The “Power BI” package for Microsoft Excel and other business analytics tools are highlighted in the chapters on data mining and data importing into Excel.

    Recent examples and problem sets demonstrate how chapter themes relate to practical application. In addition to data and solution files, the Companion Website also provides PowerPoint presentations, SolverTable for sensitivity analysis, and the Palisade DecisionTools Suite.

    Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

    By- Charles Wheelan

    Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    Statistics are vital information for those who specialize in business analytics. Like business analytics books, this book helps them understand the information and make meaningful connections. Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan is widely regarded as the most remarkable book for beginners in statistics.

    It is amusing and easy to read when it comes to describing the ideas of descriptive, inferential statistics, probability, and regression. Due to the plain language used to convey technical topics, this book is appropriate for both beginners and specialists. But without getting bored, anyone may study or update their stats knowledge.

    Business Intelligence (Bi): The Savvy Manager’s Guide

    By- David Loshin’s

    Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    This business analytics book, which is a part of the “The Savvy Manager’s Guide” series, may teach business managers more about BI. The essential BI concepts, along with the associated technical language, are covered in detail throughout the book. Managers are guided by Loshin through the development of BI and how it leads to success.

    In order to illustrate the origins of business intelligence (BI) and how they are evolving to suit the needs of digital data, both new and ancient technologies are introduced. The book also offers partner websites with supplementary materials, a dictionary of terms, and a list of technology.

    The Definitive Guide to Data Analytics

    By – Edward Mize

    Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    Data Analytics, a different best-selling book, provides concise explanations of how to utilise data to increase revenue, accelerate growth, and enhance proficiency. Discover smart data usage strategies for your job, studies, and company. Edward Mize, a multi-time best-selling book, provides a fantastic introduction to data analytics knowledge for novices.

    He is known for his ability to distil complicated topics into straightforward expressions, so you won’t have any problem understanding the ideas. The most helpful data analytics tools are included in this business analytics book to assist you to understand how to swiftly and easily address execution gaps in your operations, sales, and marketing initiatives.

    Business Intelligence (Bi) Guidebook

    By – Rick Sherman’s

    Best Business Analytics Books For MSMEs

    In this book, the concepts of data warehousing and business intelligence are well described. Before going on every facet of a BI project, it gives an overview of why data is so important in today’s business world. This book, in addition to the purely technical aspects of a project, will help you grasp complicated issues by offering a plethora of graphics, product architectures, and data modelling. Other topics covered here include data integration, BI design, and then challenges involving humans like project management and processes.

    Rick Sherman, the author, has done a great job of balancing a viewpoint for experts with a guide for beginners.

    He studies business intelligence in great detail, going into its technological and organisational underpinnings from the perspectives of low-level query design patterns and high-level solution architecture. Regardless of your responsibilities as a BI practitioner, these chapters in this book are relevant to your particular area of expertise and teach new skills or encourage new ideas.


    In a word, business analytics books may advance your career in terms of more work prospects, better salary, etc. It is entirely up to you whether you enroll in a full-time or part-time business Analytics programme. You may flourish in your work and become a better analytics consultant by reading the books recommended above.

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