Business Software Options To Help Your Business Grow

    Having the appropriate tools like business software for the job can have a significant impact on your workday and the success of your small business. Due to the fact that you still need to wear many hats, but there have never been more business tools available to help you fit into those hats a little bit better, now is a terrific time to be an entrepreneur.

    Finding the ideal business software at the precise moment your small business requires. It is the key. This is the reason we put together this list of the best free small business software tools, which includes anything from small company marketing tools to accounting software.

    1. MailerLite

    Business Software

    In order to provide small businesses with a strong and effective business software platform that is simple to use and readily complements existing content marketing platforms and tactics, MailerLite targets small enterprises. All the elements that experienced email marketers look for in email marketing tools are included in this easy and uncomplicated programme.

    Key characteristics of Mailerlite include:

    • Custom HTML editor 
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Custom HTML editors
    • Rich text editor
    • Free newsletter design templates
    • File manager, integrated photo editing, subscriber management popups
    • Placement pages

    2. Wix

    Business Software

    You may create your own high-quality websites using Wix. This business software tool can assist you with all of your website needs, whether you’re advertising your company, showing your work, launching your store, or beginning a blog.

    To develop small websites, Wix also has a great drag-and-drop site builder. Numerous free templates are available. Wix offers both its own web hosting and domain names (free and paid). Adding additional functionality, like photo galleries or e-commerce, is simple with the App Market.

    Wix software’s main features include:

    • Templates for landing pages
    • Website creator
    • Website creator mobile-ready
    • Drag and drop functionality
    • One-page website hosting
    • A market for custom domain apps
    • Editor of images 
    • 40+ galleries
    • Stock photos

    3. Google Docs

    Business Software

    Google offers a word processing tool called Google Docs online. With clever editing and style features, this business software makes your papers come to life so you can format text and paragraphs with ease. You may add links, photos, and drawings as well as pick from hundreds of typefaces.

    Colleague collaboration is also possible using Google Docs. The document’s creator can provide others access to the file for editing since it is saved in the cloud. Additionally, users of Google Docs do not need to worry about saving their work after each modification. Users can still locate their changes and alterations even if their internet connection is interrupted because the application automatically stores the document at regular intervals.

    Google Docs’ main attributes include:

    • Editing
    • Styling
    • Linking
    • Comments
    • Editing
    • Images
    • Templates
    • Templates Drawings
    • Google Search 
    • Add-Ons Built-In

    4. ProfitBooks

    Business Software

    ProfitBooks is a free accounting programme that is rapidly expanding and remarkably user-friendly. This business software enables you to manage inventory, track spending, and make beautiful invoices without having any prior accounting experience. With the help of ProfitBooks accounting software, you can quickly and easily prepare expert estimates or invoices and keep track of unpaid balances.

    ProfitBooks can easily handle all of your business processes, whether you are producing, distributing, selling, providing service, or simply managing the inventory. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily share the transaction data with your accountant, learn what’s happening with your company, and make smarter decisions.

    Some of Profitbooks’ main attributes are:

    • Make stunning invoices
    • Utilize a payment gateway to accept online payments
    • Record payments for advance
    • Utilize sales reports to keep track of receivables.
    • Using POs, streamline the purchasing process
    • Follow production procedures
    • keep track of product batches
    • Monitor the flow of inventory at various warehouses.
    • Powerful reports make it simple to locate low stock.
    • Create thorough tax reports.
    • Online collaboration with your accountant
    • Maintain manual journals.
    • Keep track of business costs

    5. Buffer

    Business Software

    An online business software tool called Buffer was created with organising social media material in mind. Its main purpose is to distribute content throughout the popular social media platforms of today. It offers a straightforward method for disseminating content. The software makes it simpler to compose and schedule posts while having the option to link to all social media accounts.

    Buffer will sign in to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and other social media sites all at once instead of doing it traditionally. Additionally, it makes it simple for users to write posts and instantly upload them. For seamless connection with WordPress, Chrome, RSS readers, and other crucial tools for content discovery, the app comes with a browser extension.

    Buffer’s main attributes include:

    • Multiple tweets and posts
    • Sharing social profiles
    • Profile control
    • Sharing of multimedia formats
    • Organizational/business planning
    • Analytics and perceptions
    • Comparing statistics
    • Support for iOS and Android
    • Group cooperation (via administrator rights)
    • Dual-step account login
    • Individualised scheduling
    • Normal buffering

    6. Canva

    Business Software

    Users can create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content with Canva, a business software platform for multi-media design.

    Canva offers companies, enterprises, and even lone professionals a very user-friendly design platform that enables people to produce stunning and expert-calibre graphic designs. This business software tool has a plethora of useful features, such as a straightforward drag-and-drop design tool and a sizable library of over 1 million images, graphics, and fonts.

    Canva’s main attributes include:

    • Including text in images
    • Makes speech bubbles
    • 8,000 Templates 
    • It has an image transparency tool 
    • 8,000 Templates 
    • It has design grids 
    • Photo blurring is an excellent tool 
    • Design grids 
    • Free cost icons
    • It has photo frames
    • It has stickers

    7. HubSpot

    Business Software

    HubSpot CRM is a business software tool designed to be a platform that enables sales teams to get up and running quickly without substantially altering their current workflow. It is the perfect solution for businesses who are just beginning to see the benefits of CRM and want to give it a try, as well as for those that are not making the best use of their current CRM systems. HubSpot CRM is a clever and simple business software solution that has all the essential fundamental capabilities but none of the frequently perplexing complexity that many other CRM platforms have.

    Due to its ability to meticulously organise every single piece of client communications with you, HubSpot will make it simple for you to generate beautiful contact and corporate profiles. It efficiently allocates and monitors your deals, manages the performance of your agents, and provides a single, comprehensive dashboard where the entire team can monitor the operations of the business.

    • Hubspot CRM’s primary features include:
    • Customizable views
    • Drag and Drop Communicator
    • Deal and Task Board
    • Phone and Website Integration, and Enrichment
    • Email Connections
    • Website Visitors
    • Social Media 
    • Company Database

    8. Calendy

    Business Software

    Calendly is a straightforward, user-friendly scheduling business software tool that seeks to reduce waiting times, boost sales, and enhance customer service. It does away with the outdated practice of booking meetings, calls, interviews, demos, and other events using the phone and email tags. Hot prospects may connect immediately, and it prevents staff from losing them to phone and email tagging.

    Simply select your preferred level of availability, share the link with clients, coworkers, etc., and allow them to choose a time for the event; it will then be put on your calendar on its own. In comparison to conventional appointment scheduling solutions, it is simpler and more effective, and it makes it simple for users to set up, use, and manage appointment scheduling, among other things.

    Key features of Calendly include:

    • Free API
    • Clean, contemporary interface
    • Including the calendar
    • Fully device-specifically optimised
    • Custom or automated notifications
    • More restrictions and privacy
    • Team planning events for groups
    • Calendar integration for guests
    • Can be included into webpages
    • Webhooks, reporting APIs, and metrics

    9. Trello

    Business Software

    Trello is that business software that tracks tasks, projects, and files for your team all in one place to make collaboration easier. You may view the tasks and projects that are being worked on as well as their current statuses. You can use it to follow the development of your work from beginning to end.

    Additionally, this cloud task management tool enables you to identify bottlenecks before they arise. You might reassign some of the tasks to another employee if you think a team member is overloaded with work, for example. This business software is accessible from a desktop browser and also offers free iOS and Android apps, giving you more freedom. Anywhere you have internet access, including the office or the field, you can manage your tasks.

    Trello’s main attributes include:

    • No cost for the most basic service
    • A brief description of the card’s front and back
    • Tags, labels, and categories facilitate simple organisation
    • Drag and drop capabilities
    • Integrated editing
    • Listings with a progress indicator
    • Simple file and attachment uploading
    • Filtering data
    • Keeping card records in storage (e.g., comments and changes)
    • Reminders of deadlines
    • Notifications via email
    • Activity Journal
    • Assigns tasks

    10. Slack

    Business Software

    Slack business software is a chat app that offers real-time messaging, file sharing, archiving, and search, giving you one platform for all of your discussions. It is designed for modern teams so that all of your communication can be found in one place online, is easily searchable, and is readily available from any connected device.

    Slack integrates with more than 1,500 third-party apps and services, giving you access to a platform that is totally adaptable and extensible. You may receive and share files with anyone thanks to its many internal and external sharing options. It has sophisticated search, filters, and sorting features that make it simple to find the necessary files. You can choose filters based on factors like file type, relevancy, or recent kind.

    Slack’s important attributes include:

    • Channels for conversation
    • Individual users
    • Messaging
    • File exchange
    • iVewing files
    • Video and voice calls
    • Remarks Feedback Archive Notifications
    • Integrations
    • Android & iOS apps using open APIs
    • Data protection
    • Data protection
    • Single sign-on
    • Using two factors to authenticate

    11. Xtensio

    Business Software

    Teams may simply create and share living documents on this business software platform. Xtensio enables teams to work together in real-time on documents, presentations, proposals, reports, sales sheets, and other important tasks. It is simple to add images, videos, tables, and other interactive modules because the editor functions like a web builder. To match brands, you can drag and drop, resize, modify backdrops, and set colours and fonts.

    Xtensio’s salient characteristics include:

    • Drag and drop capabilities
    • Export and Embed
    • Share and Save Templates
    • History of Revision Privacy Control
    • Screen Presentation in Full
    • Specialized website/team workspace
    • Premium Support & Onboarding 
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

    12. Freshdesk

    Business Software

    Freshdesk is a help desk solution business software hosted in the cloud with top-notch capabilities for providing excellent customer service. The programme is made to satisfy the requirements of both small and large organisations. It enables users to expand their reach by launching multi-channel assistance, automating processes utilising tools, boosting productivity through gamification, and promoting customer support initiatives through self-service portals.

    Users can accept calls from clients using the phone system that is integrated into Freshdesk. This will enable you to run call centre operations without having to spend money on a comprehensive corporate phone system, as it now covers over 30 countries.

    Several of Freshdesk’s important attributes include:

    • Reaction Mechanism
    • Reports on the help desk and client satisfaction
    • Customer analytics in real time
    • Individualized Reports
    • Design and Customization of Portals
    • Management and delegation of agents
    • Custom apps, URLs, and ticketing
    • Customers are segmented
    • Individual SSL Certificates
    • Network and IP Restrictions
    • Identification and Access Control


    You can use a variety of business software applications to give your company the tools it needs to advance in the modern, digitally connected world. Despite having limited resources, small firms adopting cloud platforms have access to the most recent technology and professional support, providing them with much-needed solutions to optimise their operations and increase their competitiveness.

    Since there is no reason not to test these business software tools, statistics have shown that small firms have widely adopted cloud and SaaS technology as small business software technologies. Since these equate to savings, additional opportunities, and an agile organisation able to weather business crises, small firms have benefited greatly from the software’s enticing characteristics of price and flexibility.

    Is there any free software missing from this list? Please express your opinions in the comments below.

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