Top Landing Page Builder For Your Business

    Any marketer trying to get leads online needs to use landing page builder software. It is truly game-changing to have the ability to quickly construct unique landing pages with forms, pictures, and funnels. Around 2011, landing page builders first appeared online. They were ranked from 1 to 10 depending on:

    • Ease of use: Can I set this up and create a few professional-looking pages in 20 minutes?
    • Features: Am I able to get leads? my pages with analytics data? Can I connect to my CRM?
    • Price: How much does a monthly plan cost, and how often do I need to upgrade my plan?
    • Bells & whistles: Are there any additional great features that I’m not even aware of?

    Here, we have curated the list of the best landing page builders for your business. 

    Landing Page Builder

    1. Leadpages

    With Leadpages which is one of the best landing page builders, you can quickly create eye-catching opt-in campaigns that gather leads, convert visitors into buyers, and integrate with all of your preferred digital marketing tools, including Facebook ads, and Google Ads, and e-commerce. By comparing many versions side by side, you can quickly fine-tune your campaigns with Leadpages for maximum impact, allowing you to keep what works and throw out what doesn’t.

    With this excellent landing page builder, you can design landing pages, pop-ups, forms, alert bars, and even checkout flows (a capability that Unbounce lacks). Additionally, Leadpages is quite reasonably priced.

    4/5 for ease of use

    • Content may be moved about with ease using drag and drop
    • Contains plugins, a form builder, and page design
    • Can change pages to make them responsive to mobile

    Features: 5/ 5 

    • Unlimited Pages That Are Mobile-Friendly
    • Utilizes over 40 tools
    • Use forms in a simple way to collect leads.
    • Testing A/B
    • Can connect to WordPress
    • To develop an online shopping experience, including checkout pages.

    Price: 5/5

    Standard plans for this landing page builder cost $37 per month, Professional plans cost $74 per month, and Advanced plans can be inquired about by contacting the team.

    Value-wise, Leadpages earns an A+. It comes with all the wonderful features you could possibly want and is priced just right. It is also simple to use. The landing page editor itself has a slight flaw. The Leadpages editor takes a little while to get used to, in contrast to Unbounce and Instapage, which feel completely obvious.

    Without a doubt, though, Leadpages will increase the return on your marketing investments. I should also point out that every time I’ve connected with their affiliate and customer support, they have been outstanding. Particularly if you run a small business, Leadpages might be the best option for you.

    2. Unbound

    According to them, creating and testing custom landing pages, website popups, and sticky bars is a breeze with Unbounce. Faster campaign launches and higher post-click conversion rates are required. The original landing page builder programme was called Unbounce. In a sense, you could say they created the category. It is among the top landing page software programmes available. It’s ideal for streamlining performance marketing campaigns, developing “coming soon” pages, collecting emails on the website, and presenting those challenging aspects of your product offering.

    Unbounce also keeps adding features. To make your advertising dollars go further, the recently unveiled “conversion intelligence package” employs AI to guide landing pages. According to my observations, the platform is state-of-the-art and, dare I say it, almost perfect.

    Ease of use: 5/5

    • Simple interface
    • Friendly plugins, a simple drag-and-drop editor, and page design
    • Can change pages to make them responsive to mobile
    • “Stats Engine” that is simple to use for quickly reading analytics

    Features: 5/5 

    • 100+ pre-made templates
    • Integration of WordPress
    • It is possible to integrate Unbounce landing pages and pop-ups with the most well-liked email, CRM, and analytics applications, like MailChimp, WordPress, AWeber, etc.
    • Testing A/B
    • Incorporating dynamic keywords into SEM campaigns
    • Can include popups and sticky headlines on pages
    • Landing pages should have maps, scripts, and pixels.
    • You can perform some rather complex design tasks, such as applying gradient colours to buttons, compressing photos to speed up page load times, giving graphics opacity, and nearly anything else you can imagine.

    Price: $4/5 for the Launch plan’s $81 per month. Both the Optimize and Accelerate plans cost $122 per month. The Launch or Optimize plan is excellent if you run a small business or a firm with marketing expenditures under $100,000 per month.

    Beginning with landing page application can be perplexing, and even daunting. Unbounce is incredibly simple to use. In ten minutes, you’ll be able to finish your first page. You may easily add your brand elements using one of Unbounce’s attractive pre-made templates, even if you have no design knowledge. Professional-looking pages convert well! Unbounce and Instapage, which are included later, are undoubtedly very similar. Two of my favourite tools are those two. Both options are definitely good choices, but Unbounce is clearly more economical.

    3. Swipe Pages

    You can easily develop landing pages that are optimised for mobile devices with Swipe Pages. They’re possibly the top mobile landing page software. This is as a result of the pages’ HIGH CONVERTING speed. Speed is crucial when it comes to mobile landing pages. Swipe Pages is the best option if the majority of your ad clicks come from mobile devices, but you can also design pages for desktop. It comes with out-of-the-box AMP support and a distinctive “app-like experience.”

    It has more than 50 templates, and using the builder is rather simple. It includes 20+ widgets that enable you to add functionality without hiring a developer, such as Timers, Popups, Payment Forms, Carousels, Tables, and Toggles. Swipe Pages interacts well with your CRM and interfaces with Zapier, Zoho, HubSpot, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor.

    Usefulness: 5/5

    • Simple page editor
    • Fast onboarding and a tidy interface
    • Global barriers (like Unbounce, Leadpages and Instapage)
    • Ten or more tools that you probably employ in your processes are integrated
    • Dependable client service

    Features: 4/5

    • Smart Pages that direct mobile traffic to a page designed for mobile
    • Make landing pages that resemble apps.
    • Global Blocks & Dynamic Keyword Insertion AB Testing
    • 50 plus templates
    • Leads can be collected using forms and sent to other tools.
    • Utilize payment forms to sell things; Stripe and Paypal are supported.
    • bespoke typefaces
    • Ecommerce capabilities

    Price: 5/5

    High usage limitations are available for $39/mo for the Starter plan, $89/mo for the Marketer plan, and $199/mo for the Agency plan.

    4. Instapage

    Utilizing one of 200+ templates, Instapage enables you to create gorgeous, brand-consistent, mobile-responsive landing pages. No need for a developer. Instapage is a really potent tool. The landing page builder is a straightforward drag-and-drop tool that produces pixel-perfect layouts. Unfortunately, the price is high. This makes it more of a tool for big businesses and agencies.

    It is really easy to set up and has a very flexible editor. This will surely help you generate more leads for a lower cost. Own your post-click experience and increase your conversion rates with Instapage, the most effective landing page tool for marketing teams and agencies, in the company’s own words.

    4/5 for ease of use

    • Easiest to use and best user interface
    • Direct connection with WordPress
    • Content may be moved about with ease using drag and drop
    • A page’s design, form creation, and friendly plugins
    • Able to quickly edit sites to make them mobile-friendly
    • Simple analytics and exporting for lead lists
    • The only reason for the 4/5 is due of the subpar customer service.

    Features: 5/5 

    • 200+ pre-made templates
    • Codeless Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, and other integration
    • Leads can be collected through forms and sent to various services, such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier, HubSpot, GetResponse, Autopilot, AWeber, and more.
    • Testing A/B (at higher pricing tiers)
    • Heatmaps (at higher pricing tiers)
    • Allowing pages to have bespoke code
    • Visual On-Page Real-Time Collaboration
    • Built-in Heatmaps for AMP & Thor Render EngineĀ®
    • Blocks for all content globally
    • Incredibly fast load times, which should improve your bounce rates, and increase conversion rate

    Price: 2/5 

    The fundamental plan is $199 per month and should include all you need to set up and start collecting leads in that time. Plans for agencies and teams start at $999/month. Even though it’s highly pricey, it has some of the most powerful features for commercial businesses.

    5. GetResponse

    GetResponse is a diverse software solution that combines email marketing and webinar skills along with the ability to build high-converting, mobile-responsive landing pages. GetResponse offers connections with many of the best programmes you already use, like Shopify, Salesforce, and WordPress.

    4/5 for ease of use

    • Landing page editor with drag and drop
    • Simple to alter mobile layouts, upload photos, and move material around

    4/5 for features

    • Integrated analytics
    • integrates with a variety of systems, including Facebook, Bing, KissMetrics, Google Analytics, and Adwords
    • Use forms to gather leads and incorporate them into your GetResponse email system.
    • A/B testing with thousands of stock pictures and templates available
    • Include a PayPal button to accept payments instantly.
    • With GetResponse, you can create landing sites, conduct email marketing campaigns, and much more.

    Price: 4/5

    The Email plan is $15 per month, Pro costs $49, Max costs $165, and Enterprise costs $1,199 per month.

    GetResponse is a reputable all-in-one marketing suite in general. Among their services is landing page builder. As a result, it is an enterprise marketing tool with scale-related advantages including affordable pricing and end-to-end client dashboards. For marketers or company owners who need a complete package that includes landing page software, GetResponse is a respectable choice.

    6. Hubspot

    Although HubSpot produces a number of tools for salespeople and digital marketers, we particularly like their landing page tool. Everything you need to establish successful marketing campaigns that pique people’s interest in your company and make them glad to be your customers is how they define their marketing service. HubSpot is a business marketing tool that offers a great landing page creation feature. HubSpot is a great tool to handle your landing pages, CRM software, email marketing, and much more, especially if you’re a SaaS firm, real estate company, or marketing agency.

    4/5 for ease of use

    • With onboarding videos and textual information, you may complete the process in a short amount of time.
    • It is simple to shift stuff around and launch a business online.
    • Contains plugins, a form builder, and page design
    • Templates are rather basic.
    • Videos, tracking code, etc. are simple to add.

    Features: 4/5 

    • A/B testing for email marketing and automation
    • Tools for creating blogs and content
    • Features of SEO & content strategy
    • Full suite of paid marketing for Google, Facebook, etc.
    • From CRM to email marketing, they basically produce everything you’ll ever need to thrive in marketing.

    Price: 4/5

    The cheapest plan with the landing page builder feature is $50 per month.

    With their product expanding into new markets and growing, the HubSpot offer keeps getting more advanced. The pricing is reasonable enough to make this product worthwhile to test, and the landing page builder, together with the clever content and CTAs, is a big bonus.

    7. Landingi

    Utilize a platform that is adaptable and offers solutions for converting visitors from your marketing advertising into clients. Landingi is the end-to-end platform for landing pages without IT and coding skills. You may design, publish, improve, and conduct a/b testing on your own landing pages. Landingi has advanced considerably. It has been for sale.

    You can easily construct a landing page using our drag and drop editor. Choose from more than 300 designs with a high conversion rate, automate your marketing stack with the built-in connections, and up your marketing game! By customising your landing pages for your target demographic and PPC advertisements, we will help your efforts.

    Ease of Use: 4/5

    • Since Landingi is a genuine drag-and-drop pixel-perfect editor, it has received high praise for its user-friendliness.
    • In a few minutes, from beginning to end
    • Contains plugins, a form builder, and page design
    • Templates are rather basic.
    • It seems challenging to use the editor, especially the mobile editor.

    Features: 4/5 

    • 300+ pre-made templates
    • Integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and several other services
    • Landing page import: This fantastic function was eliminated by Instapage and others (I assume due to copyright problems), but Landingi still allows you to import other internet sites to “clone.”
    • AB tests
    • Captures leads and enables you to use those leads for automation
    • Adding custom code is possible
    • Popup creator

    Price: 4/5 

    $29/month+, $89/month for the Automate plan, and $109/month for the Agency plan.


    Entrepreneurs can automate and grow their marketing efforts with the aid of, an all-in-one marketing platform. It’s the perfect programme for beginning a course, founding an online company, growing a mailing list, developing sales funnels, and doing a lot more.

    Systeme is designed for business owners. It functions as an affiliate programme manager, landing page builder, email marketing tool, marketing automation tool, and website builder. Therefore, Systeme can be the appropriate choice for you if you’re a solopreneur seeking for an all-in-one solution. It closely resembles ClickFunnels, another application on this list.

    4/5 for ease of use

    • Simple drag-and-drop building tool
    • Logical, user-friendly components
    • Automatically responsive to mobile devices
    • Assistance from knowledgeable entrepreneurs

    4/5 for features

    • Provides a variety of functions, such as email marketing and automation
    • Blog-writing talents
    • Landing page templates that have already been created and have undergone A/B testing
    • Zapier and other big platforms integrations
    • Construction of a sales funnel
    • Skills to upsell, cross-sell, and downsell in order to increase client conversion rate
    • Pop-up design
    • Upkeep of affiliate programmes
    • Enduring webinars

    Price: 5/5

    One of the most cost-effective all-in-one marketing platforms is Most of the capabilities you need to construct a website, landing pages, and boost consumer value are included in the entry-level subscription, which costs just $27. The other plans cost $47 and $97 each.

    9. Ucraft

    With the help of the website builder Ucraft, you may make your ideas a reality online. It is comparable to Squarespace or Wix, however I highlight it in this article since it is quite sleek and has excellent evaluations. Additionally, you may make a landing page right now… right this second, thanks to Ucraft hosting your sites for you! It has a strong drag-and-drop editor and integrations with pretty much all the tools you’ll ever need, such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Google Analytics.

    4/5 for ease of use

    • Editor for landing pages that is entirely drag & drop
    • Ucraft is the host
    • Simple to rearrange material and launch a company page (Ucraft is a true website creator)

    Features: 1/5

    • 120+ templates for form generation and page design
    • MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, HotJar, Google Analytics, Intercom, Mandrill, Zendesk, and other integrations
    • Unused A/B testing
    • Your page will need to be hosted on a new website address.

    Price: 5/5

     $8+ per month

    10. ClickFunnel

    To direct people to the offer, you may choose the sales funnel in ClickFunnels that is intended to sell the kind of product you are selling. You may use Clickfunnels to sell any goods online. Simply select your sales funnel, design, and submit a few unique components, such as a logo. Your complete funnel is ready to go once you modify the page using a few drag and drop tools.

    It isn’t at the top of the list since it’s more of a complete website and marketing funnel rather than a landing page builder. For business owners that are providing courses or consulting services online and need landing pages, email nurturing, and payment solutions all in one place, ClickFunnels is the ideal option for entrepreneurs.

    Usefulness: 5/5

    • Use of ClickFunnels is very easy.
    • A few minutes from beginning to end with onboarding videos
    • It is simple to shift stuff around and launch a business online.
    • Contains plugins, a form builder, and page design
    • Templates are rather basic.
    • Videos, tracking code, etc. are simple to add.

    2/5 features

    • There are several pre-built “ClickFunnels” (templates)
    • Use forms in a simple way to collect leads.
    • Email automation and email marketing
    • Create sales pages, then take money.

    Price: 5/5 

    $97+ per month

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