Social Media And Supply Chain Management For MSMEs

    Despite their delayed adoption, supply chain managers and executives are starting to see the advantages of social media and how it may enhance corporate operations. By interacting and sharing with others, supply chain managers may use social media to enhance operations and lower risks.

    The usage of social media in logistics has advanced to the point where a variety of platforms may be utilised to gather crucial information much more quickly than in the past. Here are some strategies for using social media to enhance your supply chain.

    How can social media be used for enhancing the supply chain?

    Social media may be used by businesses in a variety of ways to improve their supply chain. People in the supply chain may utilise social media for relationship building since it has become one of the most effective (and simple) methods to do it.

    Like no other type of communication, social media can also deliver real-time information. It may be used to gather data so you can keep tabs on what’s happening in your supply chain. This may include what’s happening with rival businesses, your business partners, and others. Instead of receiving a call or email from a contact, there is a potential that you may “hear” about supply chain problems first on a network like LinkedIn or Twitter.

    Social media may also be used to track problems with your vendors and suppliers as well as gain insights into how others see the service you are offering. Are your shipments late? Are expenses being paid promptly? You might be able to uncover the solution through social media with little to no effort and expense.

    For instance, a social media-connected supply chain may make it possible for everyone to learn right away about delays or if a package wasn’t picked up. Real-time tracking of warehouse pickups, deliveries, and any potential delays brought on by unforeseen events is feasible. A fast tweet or post might be viewed as a warning if something along the supply chain is about to have an impact and can even help to make necessary changes beforehand.

    Finally, you can always ask your clients for feedback to find out how they feel you are doing. This could be an excellent strategy to identify a problem before it harms your brand.

    What are the possible advanced uses that social media can provide to the supply chain?

    Beyond establishing connections and exchanging information, social media may help you enhance many aspects of your supply chain. You may communicate with other supply chain managers using social media to arrange shipments. You may utilise social media to locate people seeking a means to convey their items if you have space on a truck. A post could be useful if you need to discover a carrier in a new area immediately. You can utilise social media to locate other parties affected by a supply chain interruption (an accident, a sudden vendor closure, etc.) and organise a coordinated reaction.

    Since you are constantly looking for ways to enhance the supply chain, social media presents a fantastic opportunity for you to forge meaningful connections with those who share your commitment to ongoing development. Thought leaders, influencers, and others frequently provide useful information that might improve the effectiveness and productivity of your supply chain. These connections offer a wonderful chance to not only learn, but also to share best practices in order to benefit others.

    Additionally, social media allows you a forum to communicate concerns and find weaknesses to future-proof against such threats.

    Final words: Why should you give social media for supply chains a try?

    Social networking is an excellent tool for many supply chain processes. Utilizing social media in conjunction with the latest technological hardware as well as software can provide you with an advantage and boost your production and efficiency. These solutions assist you in lowering the expense and complexity of your investments. Just give them a go, to see how you can enhance your supply chain process by making the most of all available technologies, from social media to mobile devices at the push of a few buttons.

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