Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    Connecting online with friends, family, and coworkers is made simple and convenient by the best video conferencing apps and software. Thanks to developments in cloud technology, dependable video conferencing is now available and reasonably priced, and it can easily meet the needs of the modern office. During the present epidemic, these video conferencing apps have become extremely important.

    By allowing workers to work from home and using conferencing solutions for meetings, updates, and general communications, using video conferencing apps has helped many organisations continue to run. Additionally, it makes sense for businesses to continue communicating face-to-face online rather than incurring the unnecessary costs to the business and environment of holding face-to-face meetings in a single location, given the growing worries about the environmental impact of travel.

    However, home users may utilise the same video conferencing programmes and applications that are offered for businesses to stay in touch with friends and family. Frequently, the same video conferencing companies serve both commercial and residential customers. Therefore, we reviewed the top video conferencing apps, both commercial and free, and provided links to our most current evaluations. Here is the list:

    1. GoToMeeting

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    The stand-alone videoconferencing app offered by LogMeIn is called GoToMeeting. This video conferencing app offers screen sharing, audio, and video conferencing as expected. One aspect that sets GoToMeetings different is its mobile-friendliness; other software from well-known brands would make it difficult to set up and start a conference from a smartphone. Additionally, there are options to enhance call and image quality as well as one-tap invitations to attend meetings and conversations at this video conferencing app.

    The fact that mobile applications are offered separately for Android and iOS and that both have a high amount of favourable reviews marks a distinction from some other providers that find it difficult to strike a balance between usability and quality for mobile use.

    Almost all common features are affordable and accessible at the lowest cost tier. Even the liberal cap of 150 people is well enough for the majority of enterprises. There is a business plan tier that brings the total number of participants up to 250 and offers a few admin capabilities in addition to drawing tools and mouse sharing. Up to 3,000 individuals can be accommodated with the enterprise plan.

    Even while the video conferencing app GoToMeetings has a lot to recommend, it could be more cost-effective to sign up for GoToConnect’s cloud-based phone system (which opens in a new tab), which includes GoToMeetings as part of the package, if you’re searching for a corporate VoIP solution.

    2. Remote PC Meeting

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    A variety of video conferencing tools are supported by this video conferencing app called RemotePC Meeting, in order to make cooperation easier. To begin with, you may immediately organise a meeting and share it with your coworkers or staff members via a clickable link with this video conferencing app. The application can be connected with Google, Outlook, or Yahoo calendars, and the Chrome extension makes it even simpler to send meeting links.

    Additionally, VoIP may be used to attend meetings for increased security and in cases when an individual’s internet access is constrained. There is no maximum number of team members you may invite to a video conference, and there are a number of integrated features for both individual and group discussion with this video conferencing app.

    To make giving presentations or making a point easier, you may also share your screen using this video conferencing app. There is even a collaborative whiteboard where you may brainstorm ideas with other meeting attendees. All sessions can be recorded and saved as video or audio files for later use.

    Advanced video conferencing facilities are provided by RemotePC Meeting, but access to them requires a remote access membership. There are many alternative possibilities if you only want a video conferencing tool at this video conferencing app.

    In the end, RemotePC Meeting offers robust video conferencing solutions supported by a variety of fantastic features and a user-friendly UI. The only drawback is that there isn’t anything particularly exceptional to offer, but it’s not a major deal, and RemotePC is still an excellent choice, especially for people seeking

    3. Microsoft Teams

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    Microsoft Teams is that video conferencing app that gives users the option to plan audio or video meetings with an individual or a group within a single application. Administrators can also plan huge meetings and webinars for up to 10,000 attendees. When Microsoft 365 is fully integrated, calls can be quickly organised, invites can be sent around the company, and visitors from outside the company may participate from their web browser without installing an application.

    Additionally, this video conferencing app offers all the capabilities anticipated from a top supplier of video conferencing software, such as screen sharing, call recording, live captioning, background blur technology, and chat features. The platform is the industry leader in video conferencing app technology and digital workplace integration thanks to integration with Microsoft 365.

    Users may join conversations practically anywhere thanks to the video conferencing app’s robust hardware options and video conferencing software. Mobile devices, desktop PCs, and Bluetooth conferencing headsets can power communication while you’re working alone or on the road. In general, Microsoft Teams is the best option for companies who already use Microsoft 365 or that want to reimagine their digital workplaces for communication and collaboration.

    4. Ring Central MVP

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    All of RingCentral MVP’s plans provide the complete complement of industry-required video conferencing services. These include, among many others, built-in chat features, screen sharing and annotation, and the ability to schedule and record video calls.

    However, Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 connectivity is unquestionably RingCentral’s best feature. Users of this video conferencing app may thus, arrange and start calls straight from these third-party systems, which is a good thing. Users may quickly see their daily schedule by integrating their calendar with the RingCentral platform. RingCentral is a great choice for companies that currently use Slack, Google Workspace, or Microsoft 365 for digital collaboration because of this cross-platform interoperability.

    The analytics dashboard for RingCentral is another potent tool that enables managers to keep track of how users are using the service and isolate performance issues to the precise location, ISP, network, and endpoint. RingCentral is particularly intriguing for enterprises where video quality and performance are priorities because such in-depth analytical analysis is unusual.

    Overall, this video conferencing app is a reliable performer that provides organisations with top-notch video conferencing software. It has a tonne of capabilities, gives administrators a lot of control, and is designed to function best in web browsers, reducing the need for extra software and apps.

    5. Zoom

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    Aiming to be very quick and simple to start up and provide a wide variety of scaleable capabilities, Zoom as one of the best video conferencing app offers a video conferencing and messaging solution for desktop and app for mobile devices. It not only offers HD video and audio, but it can also accommodate up to 1,000 participants at once and up to 49 films on a single screen. However, big-screen monitors are generally optimal for such sizable groups.

    Meetings may be recorded locally or in the cloud, and transcripts can be used to search the content. Additionally, the opportunity for participants to share their screens and collaborate to contribute their own comments as needed is embedded into the system.

    Additional features include a ten-year archive, searchable history, and file sharing in team chat. One-on-one calls can be initiated during meetings as well. Automated scheduling is possible via Gmail, Outlook, and iCal, and security is built-in utilising 256-bit TLS encryption for meetings and shared data.

    The availability of a feature-rich free tier that can host up to 100 users for up to 40 minutes is even better. It includes extra capabilities for team administration and management as well as for more specialised commercial and corporate use.

    6. Google Meet

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet, is a component of the Google Workspace platform for workplace efficiency (formerly known as G Suite). Google Meet as one of the best video conferencing apps wants to offer a premium conferencing experience after a recent rebranding success. It was created primarily for commercial requirements, can accommodate many users at once, and employs clever participation and a quick interface to minimise waiting.

    Google Meet as a video conferencing app is an upgraded version of Google Hangouts, that promises to make it simpler to collaborate with outside clients. First, it offers a web app experience, which eliminates the need for downloading any software. In addition, it offers a dedicated dial-in number so that participants who are on the go may participate while also ensuring that the line quality is maintained and that there are no drop-outs.

    Google Meet supports current conferencing devices in addition to having specific applications for mobile users in the Apple AppStore and Google Play store for Android. For Skype for Business users, just compliance with SIP and H.323 standards is necessary. Additionally, Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycomm specifically are affected by this, and by using Pexip Infinity may participate in Hangouts meetings.

    Another significant benefit of this video conferencing app is that since Google Workspace is a platform, it is simple to leverage information from other programmes, such as Google Calendar, to not only organise meetings but also to build up event details as needed when people check in. The fact that Hangouts itself doesn’t have the high monthly fees that other providers could have is another major bonus.

    In the end, Google Meet is a genuine business-grade conferencing technology that is exceptionally affordable for companies of all sizes because it doesn’t need significant upfront hardware expenses.

    7. Click Meeting

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    There is a tonne of capabilities in ClickMeeting for webinar hosts. The video conferencing app comes with almost all the tools you may need for a presentation, to start. You may let guests use your mouse to engage with an interactive display, share your screen, play slideshows and movies, and more. Even better, this video conferencing app enables Q&A sessions and live polls(opens in a new tab), allowing you to engage your audience and get useful information about attendance.

    For data-driven enterprises, the ability of this video conferencing app to interface with analytics and marketing tools is particularly interesting (opens in a new tab). On the landing page for your webinar, you may add a Facebook pixel or link it to Google Analytics. Additionally, your webinar page is completely customisable, allowing you to highlight your brand.

    Even connections with a number of well-known corporate software are available from ClickMeeting (opens in new tab). You may use Zapier to combine with an email marketing platform or CRM programme, link Dropbox to have your webinar recordings automatically stored in the cloud, or both (opens in a new tab).

    If your business relies on webinars to generate leads or keep in touch with staff, Click Meeting has a lot to offer. With the help of this video conferencing software, you can take advantage of a successful webinar by automating follow-ups and providing a number of features for engaging audiences during meetings. Additionally, the integrations greatly increase productivity. The cost of this programme is quite affordable given everything it delivers.

    8. Big Blue Button

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    BigBlueButton has a tonne of features that are ideal for webinars or online courses. During sessions, you may collaborate with students using a whiteboard, shared notes, polls, and chat in addition to sharing audio, video, presentations(opens in a new tab), your desktop, and other resources.

    BigBlueButton surpasses conventional video conferencing apps in areas where it has capabilities beneficial to a virtual classroom. For instance, you may have a multi-user whiteboard and be able to put students in breakout spaces where they can collaborate on challenges.

    The greatest open-source video conferencing programme for online learning is likely BigBlueButton. It takes longer to set up than the majority of video conferencing options, but it is free, has all the same capabilities as pricey commercial online learning video conferencing software, and performs excellently.

    9. U Meeting

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    Taiwanese multimedia software developer Cyber Link. It was started back in 1996. The business uses U Meeting as its video conferencing platform. There are four different pricing tiers for the Cyber Link U Meeting, which are determined by the number of attendees and hosts needed. As the price goes up, each item gets more features, all the way up to the Enterprise edition, which gives meeting analysis, first-rate customer service, and end-to-end encryption. Users must speak with sales to request a quote.

    A completely random feature is “Perfect Cam.” The startup offers users the option to add computer-generated cosmetics to their faces, promising to “create a genuinely professional image.” U Meeting runs exclusively online. Although some users might be turned off by this, it can also be advantageous as U Meeting can be used without the need to download any additional software. Additionally, it does not permit the use of VoIP equipment for conference calls or video recording of meetings.

    10. Zoho Meetings

    Video Conferencing Apps Options For Your Business

    When it comes to cost and usability, Zoho Meeting beats all the competition for video conferencing apps. There are a few shortcomings with this platform, such as the lack of sophisticated connections with outside productivity applications. Zoho Meeting is worth a look for anybody who wants reliable screen sharing capability or to organise scheduled video meetings, even though it lacks some of the more upscale features offered by rival services.

    Although certain typical capabilities, like shared whiteboards and sophisticated interfaces with third-party services, may be absent from this video conference platform, its simplicity has the advantage that no complicated settings need to be changed before your first session. Customers of Zoho Meeting are also attracted by the service’s affordability, particularly when it comes to coverage for up to 100 attendees. Zoho Meeting is a terrific choice for webinars and online conferences.

    Hope you find your best fit for a video conferencing app or software from one of these options. Do share your preferences and ideas further with us!

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